Test Drive 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City UT

Test Drive 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City Utah

2015 Ford Explorer

Salt Lake City Area Test Drive - 2015 Ford Explorer at Westland Ford Ogden UT

If you are looking for a great new, family-sized vehicle, consider stopping by Westland Ford dealership to test drive 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City UT. The 2015 Ford Explorer offers major improvements in gas mileage, handling ability, and ride quality over earlier models. Our helpful staff at Westland Ford dealership can introduce you to this quality Ford vehicle both by explanation and demonstration. The 2015 Ford Explorer is the near-opposite of the original 1990 Ford Explorer model, which was a small, utility vehicle with a few interior comforts. The 2015 model has a contemporary look, though with shades of its rugged past, and is loaded down with all of the interior comforts and capabilities you might expect in a top-tier car. Thus, this is a vehicle ideal for city and suburban dwellers in their everyday routines but that can still handle the occasional outdoor, rugged excursion. If you are interested in test driving a 2015 Ford Explorer, contact us today to schedule your Explorer test drive from Salt Lake City Layton or Ogden UT.


Ford Explorer Interior At Westland Ford dealership, you can get inside of this year's Ford Explorer and see the abundance of top-quality features all around you. There is room on the three rows of seats for seven passengers to sit quite comfortably. The front seats score high on both comfort and support, while the back seats fold away to provide 81 cubic feet of extra storage space. You can opt for power-folding back seats to make this transition more convenient, and the second row can optionally be heated. MyFord Touch allows you to use touch-screen, voice, and ordinary button controls to manage "infotainment" and more. Cruise control, power mirrors, locks, and windows, satellite radio and CD player, and a steering wheel with in-built audio controls are all standard. Options include: an upgraded audio system, a navigation aid, auto headlights, a power sunroof, and a heated steering wheel.

Ford Explorer Exterior

When you see the exterior of the 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City, you will notice both continuation with past models and a few things new. There is an "SUV-like" look to the new Explorer, and it has a new, sportier grille in the front. The body is tall, and there is plenty of glass for high visibility. The wheels range from 18 to 20 inches in diameter. You will notice numerous straight-running lines and sharp-cut corners on the exterior trim design. The headlights are automatic, and you will also enjoy the power tailgate.

Ford Explorer Powertrain

When you take the 2015 Explorer on a Ford test drive near Salt Lake City Layton UT, you will feel the powerful engine of this vehicle. The 3.5 liter, V-6 with 290 hp is standard. This will get you eight to nine second acceleration to 60 miles per hour from standing still. The six-speed auto transmission shifts smoothly, and you will get 17 city mpg, 24 highway mpg, and 20 mpg overall. The 2.0 liter, EcoBoost V-4 is available with front-wheel drive. It delivers 240 hp, and is both turbo-charged and direct-injected. The EPA estimates its fuel efficiency at 20 city mpg, 28 highway mpg, and 23 mpg overall. If you use "sport shift mode," you will get faster shift-response and throttle action, and you will be able to keep the transmission in lower gears. Towing capacity ranges from 2,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds depending on the exact model.

Ford Explorer Mechanical

When you test drive 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City UT, you will be glad to know you can rely upon its quality mechanical features. While it loses the "trail rated" suspension for a more "everyday use" system, it is very well weighted and steers superbly. It cuts around corners smoothly, and behaves in very predictable ways. Front wheel drive is standard, but four-wheel drive is available. A "Terrain Management" system gives great stability and curtails wheel-spin even while towing. Electrically-controlled power steering is standard. There is also "multi-traction drive," which adjusts power and brake levels to the prevailing conditions. For example, you can choose such modes as Snow, Sand, Mud and Ruts, and Normal. Finally, when you finish your test drive with a brand new, 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City, you can use the self-parking feature to put it back in its place. Simply watch through the rear-view cameras as the car moves into place. In the event of any misalignment, you can correct it by tapping on the brakes.

Ford Explorer Safety

A Ford test drive near Salt Lake City Layton UT, will be a drive that is high on safety. You can schedule your Explorer test drive from Salt Lake City Layton or Ogden UT, and soon learn firsthand of the numerous safety features of this vehicle. In fact, the new Ford Explorer is rated as one of the safest vehicles on the road and has scored high on both major crash testing programs. First, the size and proportions of this vehicle make it easy for others to see you as you drive, and the auto lights also contribute to make you highly visible. Next, there are special devices like inflatable seat belts, rear-view cameras, blind spot monitors, trailer sway controls are available. Stability control adjusts brake and throttle to ideal proportions as you go around corners, and engine modulators help your vehicle to perform optimally during hill descent. Hands-free Bluetooth usage is standard. MyKey allows parental control over speed and radio volume when kids borrow the vehicle. The latest Ford Explorer is a road-worthy vehicle in every sense of the word. Contact Westland Ford to Test Drive the 2015 Ford Explorer. If you are looking for a 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City, you can contact us anytime to Schedule your Explorer test drive from Salt Lake City Layton or Ogden UT. As you experience the superior comfort and performance of the 2015 model, your Ford test drive near Salt Lake City Layton UT, will help you decide if this vehicle is right for you. Our helpful dealers will be able to answer all of your questions if you contact us by phone or online in regard to a chance to test drive 2015 Ford Explorer near Salt Lake City UT.

*The above information is regarding the base model
2015 Ford Explorer.Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Westland Ford with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.